The Soft Skills Freelancers Need to Succeed

Brad Bartlett
6 min readMar 4, 2024

Here’s the good news: You probably already have them.

As a freelancer or soloprenuer, mastering the technical skills of your craft is a must. (I'm not saying you have to master it, but, you know, have at least a working knowledge of what you’re being paid to do.)

But having razor-sharp hard skills alone doesn’t always guarantee success — especially in the long term.

In my years as a freelance, I’ve found that one thing keeps my clients reaching back out to me project-after-project — those soft skills that make me a trusted partner.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills relate to how you perform jobs and interact with clients, not just what technical abilities you bring to the table. These personal attributes and social capabilities allow you to thrive in collaborative environments and adapt on the fly.

Great communication, creative problem-solving, time management, self-motivation, and likability all fall under the soft skills umbrella.

Unlike quantifiable hard skills, these subjective qualities can be tricky to measure and develop.

But make no mistake — soft skills provide an undeniable edge that separates the most sought-after freelance talent from the average.



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