The Power of Shifting Perspective

Brad Bartlett
2 min readAug 12

Sometimes we just need a little shift in perspective.

The sun was shining brightly this past weekend as we ushered in a significant milestone in our family: my oldest lacing up his boots for his inaugural soccer match.

The excitement, the blend of nerves and thrill — it was all there.

Yet, while this scene unfolded, in the periphery stood my younger son.

With a mix of admiration and the all-too-familiar shade of envy, he seemed caught in the riddle of, “Why am I not out there?”

The Age-old Dance of Desire and Comparison

This situation might seem specific to the dynamics between siblings, but zoom out a bit, and you’ll see it’s a universal story.

How often have we stood on the sidelines of life, watching someone else live out a dream we’ve harbored?

Whether it’s someone snagging that job promotion, getting recognized for their work, or simply enjoying an experience we yearn for — we’ve all been there.

Sometimes, genuine hurdles, be they external circumstances or systemic issues, hold us back.

Yet, more often than not, it’s our internal narrative, our self-imposed limitations, and the trap of comparison that keep us rooted in one spot.

Flipping the Script: From Spectator to Participant

What unfolded next at the soccer field is a testament to the power of perspective.

After some heart-to-heart, my younger son shifted his stance.

Instead of fixating on what he lacked, he immersed himself in a different role — that of the ultimate supporter. His newfound enthusiasm was contagious; his cheers, infectious.

It was a beautiful transition, watching him bloom from a passive observer to an active contributor.

Recognizing Your Unique Journey

Life doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all blueprint.

We all have our timelines, our paths, and our distinct moments to shine. It’s crucial to remember that while someone might be enjoying their moment in the sun now, your time is brewing just around the corner.

And as my youngest son discovered, sometimes joy can be found in the most unexpected roles.

The Point

Life’s not just about waiting for our moment in the spotlight, but about finding joy and purpose in the present.

Celebrate the victories of others, for in doing so, you pave the way for your own triumphs.

And always remember, every person you admire or envy once stood on their own sidelines, waiting for their cue to jump in.

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