How to Integrate Generative AI into Your Freelance Writing Business

Brad Bartlett
5 min readApr 3

It’s not all or nothing. You CAN use AI to supercharge your freelancing.

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As AI-generated content continues to shake up the writing world, many may wonder how to take advantage of the benefits — while avoiding the shade that often comes with using new tech.

And no, I don’t mean teaching language models how to write clickbait headlines.

Or getting lazy with your creativity and relying on AI to do the work for you.

Integrating generative AI into your freelance writing business can be a great way to streamline your workflow, save valuable time and money, and boost your brand presence.

And with the right tips and techniques, it can become one of your favorite ways to bust through writer’s block.

What is “Generative AI”?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that uses data and algorithms to generate new content from existing sources.

What this means for freelancers is that you can use AI-powered tools to quickly generate unique content, freeing you up to focus on more creative endeavors.

So how exactly do you integrate generative AI into your freelance writing business? Here are five ways I’m using it right now to supercharge my writing process.

5 Ways To Use AI To Power-Up Your Freelance Writing

1. Brainstorming Blog Topic Ideas

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut when it comes to coming up with fresh content ideas?

One of my favorite ways to use AI tools (I’m a big fan of is to work alongside the model to come up with unique and interesting blog post topics. By feeding it data about different topics within my niche, I can come up with hundreds of potential titles in no time.

For example, if I wanted to come up with some ways to boost the traffic for a local optometry business, I could feed the AI tool different keywords related to this topic, and within seconds it would come up with a list of potential titles that I can use for my blog post.

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