How Amor Fati Helps Me Embrace Freelance Life

Brad Bartlett
4 min readFeb 3, 2024

Don’t underestimate the power of acceptance.

I’ve been freelancing for five years now, and let me tell you — it’s been a ride.

I’ve had months where I struggled to land any clients, and others where I found myself working crazy hours to service more projects than I could handle.

I’ve dealt with ghosted proposals, nightmare clients, and inbox detox days when I couldn’t bear to look at my laptop.

In other words, my freelance career has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

Like many solo entrepreneurs, I constantly craved more stability and predictability. The frequent obstacles and setbacks took a toll on my confidence.

I just wanted a nice, linear, upward business growth trajectory — was that too much to ask?

Obviously, I wasn’t going about things the right way. Rather than wishing reality would bend to my desires, I needed strategies to embrace the inherent uncertainty in freelancing.

I’ll be real with you — Stoicism seemed a little intense when I first came across it. But the concept of “Amor Fati” stuck with me.

What is Amor Fati?

I had to look up Amor Fati when I first heard the phrase. It translates to “love of fate” in Latin. The basics of this Stoic principle are pretty straightforward:

Instead of wishing things were different, you learn to want exactly what happens in life, even if those happenings seem inconvenient, unpleasant, or downright awful.

I know — easier said than done! The Stoics believed the universe had a rational order and intelligence guiding everything.

When we go against that natural flow of events, we only bring more suffering upon ourselves.

By contrast, accepting amor fati means embracing reality just as it unravels — with an open heart and mind.

Obstacles become opportunities. Setbacks carry lessons. You don’t waste mental energy wishing for alternate realities.

This perspective shift opened my eyes to the roots of my freelance frustrations.



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